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Hella Vision Plus Headlamp Conversion

High performance European headlamp technology in a "street legal D.O.T." version. Most powerful, legally-approved headlamp on the market. These headlamps provide a precise, focused beam pattern that turns night into day! A direct replacement for factory headlamps on all Range Rover Classic models.
60 watt high beam / 55 watt low beam. 7" dia. RNC673

Replacement Headlamp Bulbs

H4 Land Rover Genuine Xenon Bulb, Set RNE880
H4 80w low/100w high (off-road use only) RNE869 *
H4 55w low/100w high (off-road use only) RNE852 *
Land Rover Genuine Bulb Kit RNH241

Hella 500

The rigid construction of the Hella 500 provides durability for encounters with even the most rugged terrain and provides excellent visibility on and off-road. Two lights in a kit, includes wiring. Recommended use: above the bumper. 6 3/8" dia.

Hella 500 Driving Lamp Kit RNC681
Hella 500 Clear Fog Lamp Kit RNC682
Hella 500 Stone Shield RNC699
Hella 500 Clear Cover RNC701

Hella 550

Choose from fog or driving lamps. Kit includes: two lights, wiring harness and relay in a kit. Recommended use: below the bumper.
7 11/16" W x 4 11/16" H x 3 1/4" D.

Hella 550 Driving Lamp Kit RNH264
Hella 550 Clear Fog Lamp Kit RNH263
Hella 550 Amber Fog Lamp Kit RNH333
Hella 550 Clear Cover RNC702

Replacement Bulbs for Hella 500 and 550 lights

H3 55w RNE675
H3 100w RNF665

Hella Cat Eye FF50 & FF100 Series

The perfect lamp for limited space on your Land Rover.
Dimensions: 2 9/16"H x 4 5/8" W x 3 3/4" D.

Hella FF50 Driving Lamp Kit, pair RNH337
Hella FF50 Fog Lamp Kit, pair RNH338
Replacement Hella Bulb H3 55w RNE675
Replacement Hella Bulb H3 100w RNF665

Work Lamps

Mount an extra work lamp for off-road events, working in the yard or anytime light is required at night. Both kits include; lamps, wiring harness, switches, mounts and hardware.

Genuine Land Rover Work Lamp Kit RNA635
Hella Dual Beam Work Lamp Kit RNC950
Replacement Hella Bulb H3 55w RNE675
Replacement Hella Bulb H3 100w RNF665

Hella 1000 Black Magic

New black optics technology creates a wild, all black look. All black when "off" - a brilliant, enhanced-focus beam when "on". Includes wiring harness. Recommended use: above the bumper, brush guards and roof racks. 7 3/8" dia. Off-road use only.

Hella Rallye 1000 Black Magic Kit RNC680
Stone Shield RNC705
Clear Cover RNC698
Replacement Hella Bulb H2 55w RND266
Replacement Hella Bulb H2 100w RNH334

Hella Rallye 3000 Cool Blue

The Rallye 3000 has been a proven partner for truckers and off-road drivers for years. Now a version is also available with a Cool Blue lens: a combination of the familiar excellent luminous efficiency with a fresh appearance. Features: Blue lens creates a unique styling effect on any vehicle when lamp is off and produces a sharp, white beam when lamp is on. High quality Free Form (FF) reflector, Low weight with sturdy reinforced ABS plastic housing (important for roof attachment), bonded watertight assembly. Wiring harness sold separately. Dimensions: 9 15/16" H x 8 12/16" W x 4 15/16" D. Off-road use only.

Hella Rallye 3000 Cool Blue Driving Lamp (7000 ft.) RNA748
Hella Rallye 3000 Cool Blue Euro Lamp (13,300 ft.) RNH336
Replacement Hella Bulb H1 12V 55W RND282
Replacement Hella Bulb H1 12V 100W RNH335
Hella Wiring Harness RNC716
Grille Set Rally 3000 RNC684
Stone Shield Hella 3000 RNC707

Hella FF1000 Halogen Lamps
The FF1000 Series is the next generation of classic performance from Hella. FF1000 lamps feature FF reflectors made of magnesium, the same material used in Formula 1 race cars and aerospace applications. This provides unparalleled durability and assures outstanding performance even in the most extreme conditions. Flexible mounting options allow installation almost anywhere. 7.75"H x 7"W x 4.13"D

Driving Lamp 74530
Pencil Beam 74531
Driving lamp with city light 74532

Hella DynaView
For the first time a driving lamp is able to illuminate corners and bends in the road independently and intelligently. A sensor constantly monitors the transverse acceleration of the vehicle and automatically switches the appropriate cornering headlamp on at the beginning of the bend. "Driving Blind" into the unknown is a thing of the past. Dimensions: 7 3/4" H x 7" W x 4 1/8" D.

Hella FF1000 Stone Shield (single) RND281
Replacement Hella Bulb H1 12V 55W RND282
Replacement Hella Bulb H1 12V 100W RNH335

Hella Rallye 4000

The perfect lamp for the roof rack or front of your Land Rover - with a corrosion-resistant metal housing, waterproof connections and knurled adjustment knobs that allow for precise aiming without tools. Stable, sturdy and BRIGHT! Dimensions: 9 3/16" H x 8 3/4" W x 6 3/8 D. Off-road use only.

Rallye 4000 Euro Driving Kit RNK4807
Includes a pair of lights, stone shields & wiring harness
Rallye 4000 Fog Lamp (inc. stone shield) RNC677
Rallye 4000 Euro Driving Beam
(inc. stone shield) RNC678
Rallye 4000 Pencil Beam
(inc. stone shield) RNC679
Hella Rallye 4000 Wiring Harness RNC717
Protective Grille RNC708
Replacement Stone Shield RNC709
Clear Cover RNC700

Replacement Bulbs

H1 12V 55W for all except fog lamp RND282
H1 12V 100W RNH335
H3 12V 55w for fog lamp RNE675

Hella HydroLUX Submersible Lamps

HydroLUX is the newest line of rugged off-road lighting from Hella. Designed for the harshest conditions possible, the HydroLUX offers the ultimate durability. HydroLUX prevents water from getting into the optical components. Each lamp is pressure tested to a depth of 3 feet (1 meter) and supplied with its own test certificate of conformace and serial number. The FF1000 reflector provides the Hella lighting performance you expect. Designed for upright mounting only. Lamp is prewired with 8 ‘ pigtail featuring high-temperature insulation material factory sealed in the alloy body without need for special waterproof connectors. 7.29" H x 7.4" W x 5.8"D.

HydroLUX Lamp, Yellow housing, Pencil Beam H12273071
HydroLUX Lamp, Yellow housing, Driving Beam H12273081
HydroLUX Lamp, Black housing, Driving Beam H12273101
HydroLUX Lamp, Chrome housing, Pencil Beam H12273111
HydroLUX Lamp, Chrome housing, Driving Beam H12273121

Hella Relays - all Models

Hella relays provide improved performance of electrical accessories by reducing the voltage drop that occurs when power is routed directly through a switch.

15A Hella relay with fuse 87204
30A Hella relay RNC715
Hella Wiring Harness RNC716

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