Tech Tip: Fuel Bowl Replacement Trick

(For Series Land Rovers)

by Mark Letorney

First, the preparation. I usually clean the filter and bowl out when I'm doing scheduled maintenance; that is, changing oil, a tune-up, and cleaning the air filter. Thus, the air filter is already off and out of the way. If you're just working on the fuel system, it would be worthwhile to take off the air filter.

Go under the Land Rover and loosen the little nut under the bowl, but not loose enough to break the seal on the gasket. Get out from under the beast. Reach down into the engine compartment, loosen the nut all the way with one hand and hold onto the bowl with the other - your choice as to which hand. When the bowl is free, work it back over the fuel pump. Pass the bowl to the free hand and pull it out. At this point I've spilled some gas, but not down my sleeve.

I may have dropped the bowl – yikes! So don't ever do this over pavement without some cloth, cardboard, or something underneath the bowl to pad the fall. I've never broken a fuel bowl, but the Land Rover won't run without it. Sounds pretty complicated, eh? This technique does keep gas off the arm and it gets easier with practice, and I've had plenty of opportunity on my '60 Series II 88.

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