Tech Tip: Ground Conversion

How to Convert Your Positive Earth Sereis Land Rover to Negative Earth

Note: If there are two independently operated wiper motors mounted on the windshield of your Land Rover, it was originally manufactured as positive ground. If a single wiper is mounted in the dash, it was manufactured negative earth.

Here's how to do it:

1 Disconnect both terminals of battery and remove interior dash panel.

2 Reverse leads on amp gauge (it will read upside down otherwise).

3 Reverse leads on ignition coil (the coil takes 12 volts and turns this into about 60,000 volts, and if polarity isn't reversed, you lose 40-50% of coil output).

4 Connect ground cable to negative terminal of battery. We recommend good ground for a cold start Ü have two ground straps going into negative terminal. One lead is attached to chassis below the battery box; the other goes to the block at the 5/16 bolt th at holds the support for the oil filter tube.

5 Next, go to generator - look at the back: the smaller lead is the field wire. Now, to polarize the charging system, run a jumper wire from the positive terminal down to field terminal on the generator - hold it only for a second or two (you'll get a spark).

6 After removing jumper wire, connect power from solenoid to the positive post of the battery, and you're finished: your Land Rover is now negative earth.