Tech Tip: Installing Head Gaskets, 2.25L

Replacement head gaskets, such as the Land Rover Genuine Parts supplied by Rovers North, are now using different materials than those used originally when most repair manuals (Haynes, Bentley, etc.) were written.

After installation and your initial warm-up, then complete your final retorquing of the head. Once you've completed this step, no further retorquing should be required.

Fit and position the gasket on the dowels ensuring that the word TOP is uppermost. DO NOT FLEX or BEND THE GASKET.

Rovers North Land Rover Series 2.25 Litre Engine Head Gasket Part Numbers

2.25 Litre Engine Gasket Sets
RNF310 Head Gasket Set - 2.25 litre Petrol
RNF309 Head Gasket Set - 2.25 litre Diesel