Speedometer Cable Series III

Model #: RNT008

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Complete assembly with retainer ring. Attaches with a plastic connector that clips into speedometer. 

FITS: Series III 1972 - 1984 all 2.25 & 2.6 liter models.

NOTE: Series III speedometers look identical to negative earth Series IIA speedometers and the two were often interchanged as Series speedometers became NLA. These speedometers use different cables. Series III speedometers use a plastic clip to attach the cable to the speedometer and Series IIA use an alloy threaded barrel nut. The cable assembly needs to match the speedometer. So if you are new to your Land Rover we recommend you check how your cable attaches to the speedometer to determine the correct cable required. For Series IIA cable use PLE614.

To ensure a long service life it is important that the cable does not sage where it connects into the drive housing on the transfer case. The cable needs to be as straight as possible along the rear of the transfer box and distanced from the exhaust front pipe in route to the dash. Too tight an angle in the cable, or an unsupported sage where it attaches to the transfer box is often detected by a speedometer needle bounce at low speeds.

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Series III

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Speedometer Cable Series III

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