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We are proud to offer the Deep Weave Classic Canvas Tops exclusively from Exmoor Trim. They have brought the traditional canvas for Land Rover into the 21st century and have managed to retain all of it's classic 60 year authentic look & feel.
   Exmoor Trim delved deep into the original canvas archives, to get the canvas back to the original colors as they have been diluted over many years.
   With the benefit of modern methods Exmoor Trim has increased the lifespan of this Deep Weave Classic Canvas by reducing all the natural pitfalls of a 100% natural cotton canvas.
Exmoor Trim Canvas Swatch
- Increased Lifespan through superior Deep Weave Classic Canvas. Less shrinkage, enhanced durability and colorfastness.
- Still machine cut for 100% accurate reproduction.
- A tighter deep weave giving superior rain proofing and durability.
- Enhanced water proofing. Deep Weave Classic Canvas has a Rain proof rating of 4.  This is as high as a natural cotton fibre will go without it becoming rigid  (or use synthetics), highest is 5 = Mohair Hoods.  (Standard canvas rating being 2.5 to 3 ).   
- Cold water shrinkage of natural cotton fibre reduced to:- Warp being -2.5%  Weft is -1.0% (Warp and weft is direction of weave). Standard hooding canvas is about  3.5% on Warp and 3% on the weft.
- Improved color fastness rating (Ensuring that natural UV fading takes longer to occur especially in hot climates). More authentic colors for Khaki and Sand.
- VAT Dyed (Ensuring the color has penetrated all the way through the cotton canvas).        
- As you would expect with all Exmoor Trim products a full 12 month manufacturers warranty.
- Exmoor Trim hoods retain all the other features that make them a superior hood, such as gate stitched strapping for extra strength, OEM brass buckles, a high grade Vyback UV treated windows.


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