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Tech Tips For Application

• Apply AFTER applying Waxoyl Professional 120-4

• Properly prepare the surface before application.

Watch the movie:

• Optimal product temperature for application is 70ยบ F. Do not apply product at less than 59 F. Optimal ambient temperatures for application are between 41 F and 104 F. Tins and aerosols can be heated in a bucket of hot water.

• Mix well by shaking 5-liter tins and Aerosol cans. 58 Liter drums can be mixed, by blowing air using the HRS Gun and the long wand.

• If the product is not easy to shake and does not pour smoothly into the guns it is not warm enough! Warm before pouring into the gun.

• When using the HW-98 gun, apply using approximately 48 PSI. Pressure can be adjusted slightly to compensate for the products viscosity which is determined by temperature, i.e. if the Hardwax is hot you may find it is wise to slightly turn the pressure down for material economy. When using the HW 98 gun to apply take special care not to greatly exceed recommended pressure as it could damage the equipment. When using the HRS gun and the K-2 wand the air pressure can be between 70- 100 PSI.

• Recommended areas for application on passenger vehicle: All underbody surfaces except exhaust and heat shields, drive train and fuel tank (as increased insolation could encourage condensation inside tank).

• Remove over-spray with white spirits, Waxoyl Professional120-4, or vegetable oil.

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