Tech Tip: Installing Head Gaskets, V8

Replacement head gaskets, such as the Land Rover Genuine Parts supplied by Rovers North, are now using different materials than those used originally when most repair manuals (Haynes, Bentley, etc.) were written.First, today's head gaskets are fitted dry - do not use a gasket sealer during installation.

All V8 engines detail
A new cylinder head gasket and head bolts have been introduced since about 1995. The gasket is of composite construction with stainless steel fire rings and bolt eyelets. The outer row of cylinder head bolts have been deleted with the introduction of this gasket. The cylinder head height has been modified to compensate for the increased thickness of the new gasket. New bolts must be fitted when a gasket has been replaced.

A new tightening procedure is also introduced and should be be precisely followed when fitting the new gasket.

V8 Engines
1. Remove the cylinder heads following the instructions in the workshop Manual section 12, inspect the cylinder block face, cylinder bores and bolt holes are free from debris.

2. Select the appropriate gasket for the type ofengine ie: 3.5/3.9 or 4.2. This can be identified by the identification holes in the gasket, 3.5 has one hole, 3.9/4.2 has 2 holes. See illustration below.

3. Fit and position the gasket on the dowelsensuring that the word TOP is uppermost. DO NOT FLEX or BEND THE GASKET.

4. Ensure the gasket and cylinder head face are clean and free from grease and debris, carefully fit the cylinder head.
Check the bolt threads fordamage, lightly oil the threads. There are twolengths of bolt which must be fitted to theappropriate position as shown in the illustration.
Flange bolt length 66mm is fitted to holes2,4,6,7,8,9 and 10.
Flange bolt length 96 mm is fitted to holes 1,3 and5.

6. Lightly tighten all bolts in the numbered sequence shown above.

7. Tighten all bolts in the sequence shown to 20 Nm (15 lb ft.).

8. Tighten all bolts in sequence a further 90û(1/4 turn).

9. Tighten all bolts in sequence a final 90û(1/4 turn).

Rovers North Part numbers are as follows;

V8 Engine Gasket Sets
RNM015 Gasket set 3.5 litre
RNV016 Gasket set - steel gasket 3.9 litre
RNM083 Gasket set - fibre gasket 3.9/4.0/4.2 litre - Genuine

PLM083 Gasket set - fibre gasket 3.9/4.0/4.2 litre ProLine
PLM012 Head Gasket - fibre type 3.9/4.0 litre V8 - ProLine

V8 Engine Head Bolts
RNK0134 Cylinder Head Bolt Kit, V8 - Genuine
PLK0134 Cylinder Head Bolt Kit, V8 - ProLine

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