Waxoyl Aerosol DIY Kit For Large Unibody

Model #: W-DIY-2

Item Code: RNW-DIY-2

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Looking to protect your pride and joy, but aren't near a Waxoyl application center? We now have Waxoyl DIY kits available that contain everything you need to get the job done with professional results without an air compressor. All you will need is ramps or jack stands, a few hours of your time, and a burning desire to save your vehicle from corrosion.

This all-inclusive do-it-yourself kit is sized for the Range Rover and new Defender and contains:

7X Waxoyl Hardwax for the underbody

  • Hardwax kills existing surface rust!
  • The unique capillary action of Waxoyl Hardwax displaces moisture to achieve an optimum bond, even in damp environments. Waxoyl adheres equally well to wet or dry metal!
  • Insulates against temperature changes and provides sound-proofing for a quieter ride.
  • Temperature range of active protection from -30F to 302F.
  • Very resistant to aging. Contains no mineral acids, bases, lead, chromium, or zinc.
  • Safe on all paint finishes. Contains no silicone or fluorocarbon
  • Hardwax and 120-4 will protect for the life of the vehicle.  
  • Protects for the life of the vehicle.

2X Waxoyl PF Power shield for the cavities

  •  Applies clear for invisible protection.
  •  One application protects for the life of the vehicle.
  •  Where surface rust already exists, Waxoyl Professional PF stops further corrosion.
  •  "Fogs" the cavities to prove total coverage from the inside out.
  •  Penetrates deep into seems, providing protection where it is needed most.
  •  Application tool snakes through existing drains for complete protection without drilling access holes.
  •  Displaces moisture to achieve an optimum bond, even in damp environments. Can be applied to wet surfaces.
  •  A little goes a long way! Optimal protection with only .04 to .05 mm dry film thickness.
  •  Temperature range of active protection from -40F to 300F.
  •  Safe on all paint finishes. Contains no silicones or fluorocarbons.

Safety Equipment:

  • Particulate mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves

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